Garden and Grounds Maintenance in Bromley | FAQs

S.K. Landscapes & Maintenance Ltd, one of the best-known gardening companies in the Bromley area, already manages over 300 garden and grounds maintenance contracts – while also providing standalone garden design services, such as the development and implementation of planting schemes / planting plans. Because we have more than 20 gardeners on our team, customers never encounter interruptions in their gardening services. This spurs them on to provide glowing testimonials about our company, and to spread the good word about us with friends and family.

If you’ve recently heard about us for the first time through the recommendation of another client in Bromley and want to know more about our garden maintenance services, this is the place to be. Below, we’ve answered a selection of common questions we’ve received from prospective customers in the area relating to our company and the work that we do.

What make you different from other gardening companies in Bromley?

Like many other businesses in the area, we started from humble beginnings. Today, we provide garden design, and contract garden and grounds maintenance services for hundreds of clients – some of whom have been with us for over 20 years. These clients stay with us because, unlike some gardening companies, we deliver a more structured range of gardening services and assign at least one team manager and an assistant to every single contract undertaken.

In doing so, our gardeners get to know our Bromley customers and clients a little better. We reinforce this by keeping notes on them all, usually as a way of reminding ourselves of certain requirements or to put special requests received by our office onto a written record.

What is the difference between garden maintenance and grounds maintenance?

In simple terms, our gardening services cover both of these different skills sets but garden maintenance focuses more on residential work while grounds maintenance applies to what we do for commercial clients and for local authorities in the Bromley area; at SK Landscapes, we place a strong emphasis on the latter and most of our current contracts are commercial grounds maintenance contracts. Our gardeners provide both services on one-off, periodical and contract terms.

Some gardening companies might offer these services inclusively but we prefer to separate them to give our customers a clearer idea of what to expect from our individual teams.

How do you go about developing planting schemes and planting plans?

Firstly, we consult with the client and figure out exactly what they’re looking to achieve through a new approach to grounds or garden design. Then we visit the grounds or garden in question to look at how these ideas can be made a reality, thoroughly evaluating your land to get an understanding of current flora and fauna to ensure that any potential barriers can be safely overcome. The planting schemes and planting plans we draw up and implement for clients in Bromley and its surrounds look to provide a healthy, balanced distribution of natural elements, so your grounds / garden design approach will foster longevity and

Do your gardeners have the levels of training I expect from a service provider?

Yes. All personnel have an NVQ as a minimum qualification but, because we insist on using the best tradesmen from in or around Bromley to work for our company, some have additional City & Guilds qualifications and/or accreditation with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). Sean, our business owner, oversees all gardening services personally but uses trusted team leaders and assistants to build lasting relationships with the people we serve.

With the exception of a trusted local business that we use for cutting the grass at schools, we promise that S.K. Landscapes & Maintenance Ltd never uses third-party gardening companies to complete the contract work it has already committed to just to build business.

Can you supply me with a gardener for autumn or winter clearance work?

Yes. Many of our previous customers in Bromley originally came to us for work of this type and, because they’ve been so pleased with the way our gardeners leave their properties, they come back again to use our garden maintenance and grounds maintenance services repeatedly. Clients who have been with us since the early days, and who originally used us for hard landscaping projects, also continue using us for maintenance work.

As long as you’re as committed to keeping your garden or grounds in great shape as we are, you can rely on us to deliver the garden design and gardening services you need, such as the development and implementation of planting schemes and planting plans – all year round.

Arrange a quotation for gardening services in Bromley and the surrounding areas by calling S.K. Landscapes & Maintenance Ltd on 020 8462 7800.